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Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing ListenUp

For questions about ListenUp features see main FAQ

For technical and web design questions see our support page or documentation.


Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, you can use ListenUp for free with some restrictions. Please make sure that you fully test ListenUp before buying it because the licenses are non-refundable.

What are the restrictions when using ListenUp in  free mode (ie without a license)?

When using ListenUp in free mode, the total length of a recording is limited to 60 seconds. Also, Listenup will display a message about ListenUp the very first time the user loads the Applet during a session. When the message appears, the user will need to click a button to start the Applet. Free users can only receive technical support online but may submit bug reports, to which we respond promptly.

How do we pay for ListenUp?

Make a login account. After you login, you can purchase a license for your domain, with various options.

How much does it cost?

Please see our price page for details.

What is a ListenUp license?

A ListenUp license is permission from us to use ListenUp on your server. We provide an encrypted license file that resides on your web server. When your user visits your ListenUp web page, the ListenUp applet checks the license file and verifies that the request originates from your domain. ListenUp will then allow an unlimited recording time and will not display the initial advertisement for ListenUp.

What is an Additional Server license?

A website using ListenUp that has more than one server needs a license for each additional server. For example, a website with three servers needs one Basic License and two Additional Server licenses. These can be added at any time. If you expand a website that is using ListenUp then you are required to purchase enough Additional Server license to cover the expansion.

What about upgrades?

If you purchase ListenUp today, you automatically enjoy a year of free upgrades and technical support. In order to receive free upgrades for the following year however, you will need to purchase maintenance before the end of THIS year. That is, purchasing maintenance for a license extends free upgrades and technical support for an additional year.

Can a license fee be refunded?

No. License fees are non-refundable. You can test ListenUp for free as long as you wish before making a purchase. So please make sure that ListenUp will work for you before making the purchase. Once a licence file is issued, we cannot prevent the license from being used on your domain.

Will my ListenUp license ever expire?

Your license will always work with any version of ListenUp released within a year after your license was issued. Thus if you purchase a license in February of 2008, a version released on January of 2009 will always work with your license. If you install a newer version and your license is not under maintenance, then ListenUp will run in restricted Free Mode (see above). However, you can always revert to an earlier version and your license will work.

Can I transfer my license to another domain?

Licenses cannot be transferred to a new domain. The license is specific to a domain name and cannot be revoked. If you move the website to another server and keep the domain name then the license will still work.

What does maintenance cost?

The maintenance fee is based on the total cost of your license and its bundled features. Please see our price page for details.

What can I do after I login?

After you login you can:

  1. purchase licenses for new domains,
  2. add servers to an existing license,
  3. add features to your license such as the ability to support medical transcription.


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