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Voice+EMail demo brought to you by JavaSonics ListenUp. We hope you enjoy this free service. Have fun. Sing Happy Birthday to your friends. Email baby talk to Grandma. Be nice.


  1. Connect a microphone to your computer.
  2. Click "Record" (red circle) and record a short message, up to 30 seconds . (The ListenUp software can record for a much longer time but we have set a time limit for this application.)
  3. Click "Play" (blue triangle) to preview your message.
  4. Double click on the audio waveform to select entire message, or select a portion of the message to play or record over.
  5. Enter email addresses, subject and message.
  6. To send a vemail to more than one person, send yourself the message, then forward it to your group.
  7. Click "Send" to send the e-mail. It will contain a link to your voice email on our website.
  8. Recorded messages will be stored for 15 days and then deleted.

If you see this text then you do not have Java enabled. Java may need to be installed on your computer for ListenUp to work. Please click the "Get Java" link in the left hand navigation bar.

If you have trouble recording a message, please click here for technical support .

Please note that we hate spam and will not use any email addresses for any purpose other than sending your message. We will try to protect the privacy of your messages. But email is inherently insecure so please do not send confidential or secret information.

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