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JavaSonics ListenUp is no longer for sale. This page provided for reference only.

Evaluating ListenUp

You may use ListenUp for free on your web server for evaluation purposes. There are some restrictions when running in free mode. ListenUp will show a text message about ListenUp and restricts the length of the recording to 60 seconds.

Purchasing a ListenUp License

You may no longer purchase a ListenUp license file that is tied to a web domain, for example "yoursite.com". The license file will remove the restrictions. A paid license entitles you receive software upgrades for one year. After that, you can purchase a Maintenance option to receive an additional year of upgrades.

The complete text of the ListenUp End User License is available here.

How to Purchase ListenUp

  1. Login to your existing account.
  2. Put a Domain license in your shopping cart.
  3. Add any options you need such as support for medical transcription or licenses for additional servers.
  4. Checkout and pay using your Visa or Master Card. Contact us if you need to pay using PayPal or by check.

See our Sales FAQ for more details.

ListenUp Pricing

Our existing customers may purchase Additional Server options.

Item Description Price
Basic License Standard license for one domain on one server. Includes one year of Maintenance. (No longer available.) $485
Additional Servers Websites with more than one server need a license for each additional server. More info here. $195
Additional  Domains License for additional domain for existing customer who already purchased a Basic License. Includes one year of Maintenance. $275
Transcription Option This option adds speed control, hot-keys, Philips Speech Mike support and USB foot-pedal support on top of the Basic License. It is intended for medical, legal and other transcription applications. Note that Speech Mike and foot pedal are only supported on Windows! $450

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